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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

Department of Military Science

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Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

The Senior ROTC Program at APSU is an elective set of courses resulting in a Military Science minor and commission as an Army officer. Enrollment in freshman or sophomore courses does not obligate the student in any way to military service. The program emphasizes instruction in the development of leadership skills and managerial abilities. It provides qualified men and women who desire to serve their country the opportunity to do so as officers in the United States Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard. Scholarships are available to include nursing students. All classes and leadership labs are offered at APSU.

Program Information

The ROTC program is divided into the Basic Course (freshman and sophomore years) and the Advanced Course (junior and senior years). There is no military obligation incurred for enrollment in the Basic Course. After completing the Basic Course, qualified students can enroll in the Advanced Course. Students can also qualify for the Advanced Course if they have completed basic training in any military branch or attended MSL 2030 . Training, uniforms, and books are paid for through the ROTC program.

In-College Scholarships

Tuition scholarships are available to qualified students. Selection is based upon performance to date, SAT and ACT scores, extracurricular activities, and leadership potential. For more information about Army ROTC, contact the Military Science Department at 931-221-6156 or via

Military Science Curriculum


Air Force Reserves Officers Training Corps (AFROTC)

Crosstown Agreement with Tennessee State University
Effective December 1, 2017

The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC) provides pre-commission training for college men and women who desire to serve as commissioned officers in the United States Air Force. When combined with the academic disciplines offered at the college level, the program provides the student a broad-based knowledge of management, leadership, and technical skills required for a commission and subsequent active duty service in the Air Force. A minor in aerospace studies (reference number 304) is now available to students. Contact the aerospace studies advisor for course requirements. Graduates are commissioned as Second Lieutenants and are called to active duty within 60 days. 

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) program is offered by Tennessee State University (TSU) in agreement with Austin Peay State University (APSU) as a crosstown agreement. APSU students who wish to pursue the crosstown agreement will apply for program admission to TSU at Students entering into this program will not be charged tuition for the courses in question as they are part of a scholarship program. AFROTC students will be given their textbooks as well as uniforms necessary to complete the program.

Please note the courses below are offered through instruction by TSU. Students pursuing this course of study will be enrolled full-time at APSU and will complete the Air Force ROTC program courses with TSU.  Please note the AFROTC courses are sequenced by subject area for specific and logical reasons.

AS 100, The Foundations of the United States Air Force, is a survey course designed to introduce students to the United States Air Force and provides an overview of the basic characteristics, missions, and organization of the Air Force.

AS 200, The Evolution of USAF Air and Space Power, features topics on Air Force heritage and leaders; introduction to air power through examination of the Air Force Core Functions; and continued application of communication skills.  Its purpose is to instill an appreciation of the development and employment of air power and to motivate sophomore students to transition from AFROTC cadet to AFROTC officer candidate.

AS 300, The United States Air Force Leadership Studies, teaches cadets advanced skills and knowledge in management and leadership.  Special emphasis is placed on enhancing leadership skills.  Cadets have an opportunity to try out these leadership and management techniques in a supervised environment as juniors and seniors.

AS 400, National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty, is designed for college seniors and gives them the foundation to understand their role as military officers in American society.  It is an overview of the complex social and political issues facing the military profession and requires a measure of sophistication commensurate with the senior college level.

Communication studies are woven throughout the AFROTC program. The Communication Studies Plan outlines requirements and provides suggested activities.

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