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2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial-Organizational Psychology (M.S.I.O.)

Bulletin/Catalog Year 2019-2020
College of Behavioral and Health Sciences
Department of Psychological Science and Counseling

Dr. Nicole Knickmeyer
Chair, Department of Psychological Science and Counseling
Associate Professor
Location: Clement Building, Room 205B
Phone:  931-221-7232

Dr. Adriane Sanders
Graduate Coordinator
Associate Professor
Location: Clement Building, Room 217B
Phone: 931-221-7946

The Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (MSIO) program is an online graduate program that follows the scientist-practitioner model of graduate education. The program will train master’s students in the application of psychological principles to the workplace, built upon a foundation of research and science.

The field of industrial-organizational psychology is centered on understanding work from a psychological perspective.  Through the program, students are trained in I-O psychology theories and research methods, studying application in work settings such as industry and government. Students develop expertise in a variety of areas, including personnel assessment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal, motivation, team performance and leadership.

Priority admission consideration will be given to applicants who meet admission requirements and submit complete files prior to the priority deadline. The priority deadline is March 1st for Fall admissions and November 1st for Spring admissions. Late applications will be considered based upon available openings. Upon review of applicant materials, admission decisions will be made until July 31st for Fall enrollment and until December 31st for Spring enrollment. Applicants to the MSIO program must be formally admitted to the program prior to enrollment in graduate classes.

Listed below are the required application materials and the associated scores (if necessary) for each.

Admissions Requirements

  • Application for admission
  • Application Fee:  $45 domestic
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended
  • Verification of lawful presence in the United States (i.e. submit a license or other approved document)
  • Bachelor’s degree, conferred in any field (with 12 credit hours of Psychology or equivalent courses), from a regionally accredited institution showing a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.5
  • GRE Scores:  Verbal (minimum 143) and Quantitative (minimum 138) exams (If your official GRE scores are not available by the priority deadline, you may submit your unofficial GRE scores for consideration by filling out the Unofficial GRE Score Reporting Form located on the College of Graduate Studies website).
  • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation (request forms are located on the College of Graduate Studies website).  Undergraduate faculty who instructed you and can verify your academic ability should complete your recommendation letters. If you are pursuing the master’s degree after a long gap in education, a letter of recommendation from a work supervisor/professional who can comment on your potential to successfully complete graduate education may be submitted
  • Brief Personal Statement that addresses the following (1-2 pages)
    • Why you are interested in the field of I-O Psychology
    • Why you are interested in our program (APSU’s MSIO program)
    • Relevant courses taken at the undergraduate and/or graduate level (especially those demonstrating readiness in terms of social science research methods and statistics)
    • Relevant research and/or work experience
    • Additional information that demonstrates your commitment to completing the degree program
  • Military documents (if applicable)
  • Receipt of admission from the I-O Psychology department selection committee

Admission to the MSIO Program is competitive and selective. Applicants who are admitted typically have a GPA of 3.0 or above and/or GRE scores that exceed the minimum scores required for admission to the College of Graduate Studies. A variety of factors are taken into account in MSIO admissions, including all submitted materials and the number of available openings in the program.

The MSIO Program is unable to accept international students at this time.

For more information about the application process, please visit

Total Hours 10

Total Hours 18

Additional Requirements

All students, regardless of when you were admitted into the program, must complete the courses listed above (28 credit hours). All students must also complete one of the additional requirements below, depending on the year you were admitted to reach 34 credit hours.

If you were admitted to the program prior to Fall 2010, you must also complete the requirements listed below: “A. Students admitted before Fall 2010 ONLY.” If you were admitted in Fall 2010 or later, you must also complete the requirements listed below: “B. Students admitted Fall 2010 or later.”

A. Students Admitted before Fall 2010 ONLY

PSYC 5950   Research Paper (3) and One Approved Elective (3)


PSYC 5960   Applied Research Paper (3) and One Approved Elective (3)


PSYC 5990   Thesis (6)

B. Students Admitted Fall 2010 or Later

Two Approved Electives* (6) and Comprehensive Exam (No Credit; contact advisor for scheduling)


PSYC 5990   Thesis (6)**


Students who are not completing a thesis will have to take 3 to 6 elective hours (1-2 courses) to reach 34 credits. You may choose to take one of the elective courses offered online in the MSIO program or relevant courses from other APSU Master’s programs (online or on-ground), depending on availability. Specific courses must be approved by your MSIO advisor or the program coordinator. Your advisor can also offer suggestions to help you choose relevant electives.

MSIO Electives:

PSYC 5030   Cross-Cultural I-O Psychology (3)

PSYC 6030   Occupational Health Psychology (3)

PSYC 5730   Internship in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (3 + onsite internship hours)

Total Hours 6

Total hours for degree completion 34