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2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

President’s Emerging Leaders Program (PELP)

Program Overview

Students who are admitted into the President’s Emerging Leaders Program (PELP) have, by the time of their application to Austin Peay State University, already demonstrated significant achievements as leaders and scholars.  Once they arrive on campus, PELP students continue to develop their leadership skills in a rigorous academic environment.

PELP students prepare for leadership roles related to their academic interests and career aspirations through a combination of leadership courses, community and service learning projects, mentoring experiences, academic presentations, and other activities.  PELP students receive an annual scholarship of $3,000 that is renewable over a four-year period provided that specific program requirements are met.  PELP students also have priority registration and 24/7 access to the Honors Commons, a study and lounge area reserved for PELP and Honors students. The Honors Commons is located in the Memorial Health building.

Students in PELP are expected to present themselves as role models on campus and in the community.  Furthermore, in whatever field our students find themselves, they almost inevitably end up working with local, state, or federal agencies.  Therefore, PELP students will learn how government functions at all three levels.  Freshmen will focus on the local level, city and county government; sophomores will learn about the state level of government, and juniors will study the machinery of our national government.  This aspect of the program will include visits to meetings of committees for both city and county government, as well as meetings of the Clarksville City Council and Montgomery County Commission.  In the sophomore year, students will visit the Tennessee State Legislature to learn about such topics as how a bill becomes a law.  In the junior year, students will travel to Washington D.C. in January to observe first-hand the workings of our federal government.  They will also take part in a service learning activity.

Eligibility Requirements

High-school students are accepted into the program based on the following qualifications:

  1. Minimum high school GPA of 3.50;
  2. Minimum ACT of 26;
  3. Evidence of participation in high-school and community activities;
  4. Evidence of leadership and service throughout the high-school experience; and,
  5. Two references, including at least one from a high-school official (principal, counselor, teacher, etc.).   

Application Process

Students should complete the on-line application found at
(Please note that the application process includes an interview that will be conducted in-person or electronically).

Requirements for Students Accepted into PELP

A. Students must be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours each semester and must maintain a 3.50 overall (institutional) GPA. 

B. Upper-class PELP students must serve as mentors to entering PELP freshmen. 

C. During students’ time in PELP, freshmen must complete 30 hours of service, sophomores 30 hours of service, and juniors 30 service hours in activities and projects approved by the director. 

D. Students may be required to attend events connected with PELP/HONORS, such as visits to the City Council, Rotary Club, and other similar events.

E. PELP students are required to take the following 1 credit hour courses:

Fall of Freshman Year

Spring of Freshman Year

Winter Term of Junior Year

  • PELP 3110 3

Spring of Junior Year

Spring of Senior Year

  • No course is required

Additional Information

PELP students are strongly encouraged to participate in a study abroad program and to take service learning courses.  PELP students will attend a certain number of campus and community events as a part of their participation in the program.

PELP students are strongly encouraged to join the Honors Program.

For information on applying for PELP or Honors, please contact Dr. Tim Winters, Director of Honors and PELP at or by telephone at 931-221-7118.  Both PELP and Honors are housed in the Honors Commons, a study area and lounge reserved for use by Honors and PELP students in the south-east section of the Memorial Health Building.  The director’s office is in room 100A of the Memorial Health building.