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2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Major

Total Hours 28

Milestone Requirements

All students, regardless of when you were admitted into the program, must complete the courses listed above (28 credit hours). All students must also complete one of the milestone requirements below to reach 34 credit hours.

Thesis Milestone

PSYC 5990  

Students who earn a combined GPA of 3.5 in PSYC 5000 and PSYC 5575 are eligible to complete a thesis. Students choosing this milestone path must organize a thesis committee of relevant faculty, with a MSIO faculty member serving as committee chair with whom the student registers for thesis hours. The six required thesis hours are typically completed across two semesters (in 2, 3-credit hour courses). Students on this milestone path must notify the program coordinator the semester prior to taking their first 3 thesis hours. This is to ensure the student has time to request a thesis committee chair and for the chair to include the student’s thesis hours in the schedule for the upcoming semester. Students with questions about the thesis process or timeline should contact their primary advisor or the program coordinator.


Comprehensive Exam Milestone

Two Approved Elective courses (6) and Comprehensive Exam (No Credit; see note below about scheduling).

Students choosing this milestone path must complete two elective courses (3 credit hours each) plus a comprehensive exam. To facilitate the individual student’s research and/or career goals, students can take elective courses offered online in the MSIO program (listed below) or relevant courses from other APSU Master’s programs (online or on-ground), depending on availability. Specific courses outside the MSIO program must be approved by your MSIO advisor or the program coordinator. Your advisor can also offer suggestions to help you choose relevant electives. Students on this milestone path must notify the program coordinator the semester prior to their anticipated graduation to schedule their comprehensive exam and receive additional information for exam preparation. Sitting for the exam occurs in the student’s final semester of the program.

MSIO Electives:

PSYC 5030    Cross-Cultural I-O Psychology (3)

PSYC 6030    Occupational Health Psychology (3)

PSYC 5730   Internship in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (3 + onsite internship hours)

PSYC 6040  Seminar Selected Topics (offered upon demand)

Total Hours 6

Total Program Hours 34