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2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Science and Mathematics

Location: Hemlock Building, Room 105
Phone: 931-221-7971; Fax: 931-221-7984
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The College of Science and Mathematics provides study for students in the areas of agriculture, astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, geosciences, mathematics, medical technology, radiologic technology, and physics. Our outstanding, discipline-based programs are student-centered and designed to prepare students for responsible positions at all levels of research, industry, education, medicine, and government. We emphasize degree programs relevant to regional economic and market trends, designed to enable graduates to compete in the global economy and foster lifelong learning skills.

Our mission encompasses assisting students to develop critical thinking skills, enhance verbal and written communication abilities, the development of reasoned debate on scientific issues and promotion of civil responsibility.

Our goal is to provide professional training at the undergraduate and graduate level while serving as a foundation for a career in science and mathematics. This goal includes training for allied health professions and pre-professional training in preparation for career in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary science. We encourage collaborative research with faculty, internships and other learning experiences that facilitate transition to work or graduate and professional education.

Choosing Your Major
Please review the College of Science and Mathematics’ website to review the various majors available in their college.  Students will be able to access detailed information about each major which will assist them with choosing their major.  For more information about the pre-professional health minor and the individual programs click on the link below:


PreProfessional Programs

The University offers two-, three-, and four-year preprofessional programs in the fields of study listed below. These programs are designed to prepare the student to meet the minimum requirements for admission to a professional school. All curricula are generally designed to be acceptable to most professional schools. The student, however, should receive confirmation from the professional school whether each course is acceptable for its program and plan the preprofessional curriculum at APSU accordingly.

Preprofessional programs which can be completed in two years do not lead to a degree from APSU; however, degrees in absentia may be obtained from APSU after completion of the first year’s work in the professional school for the three- and four-year programs listed herein, provided the requirements for degrees in absentia are met.

Office of Pre-Professional Health Programs
Students wishing to pursue a pre-professional health program such as Pre-Medicine can locate detailed information about each of the programs on the Office of Pre-Professional Health Programs’ website.  Go to the link below:

Program Department Years
Agricultural Education Agriculture 3
Dental Hygiene Chemistry or Biology 2
Dentistry Chemistry 3 or 4
Engineering Physics and Astronomy 2
Food Technology Agriculture 2
Forestry Agriculture 2
Law Political Science 4
Medicine Biology or Chemistry 4
Occupational Therapy Biology 4
Optometry Biology 4
Pharmacy Chemistry 2 or 3
Physician’s Assistant Biology or Chemistry 4
Physical Therapy Biology or HHP 4
Veterinary Medicine Agriculture      4