Jan 31, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin

Sample Degree Plans


Academic Affairs

Enrollment and Student Achievement                                               
General Studies (BS) Certificate

College of Arts and Letters

Department of Art and Design                                                
Art Major (BFA) Art Major (BA)
Department of Professional Communication
Professional Communication Major (BA) Professional Communication Major (BS)
Communication Media (BA) Communication Media (BS)
Department of History and Philosophy
History (BA) History (BS)
Philosophy and Religion (BA) Philosophy and Religion (BS)
Department of Languages and Literature
English (BA) Certificate

Foreign Languages (BA)



Department of Music
Music (BM)                                                       Music (BA) Music (BS)

Department of Theatre and Dance
Theatre/Dance (BA) Theatre/Dance (BFA)

College of Behavioral and Health Sciences

Department of Health and Human Performance
Health and Human Performance (BS)


Kinesiology (BS)
Department of Leadership Science
Leadership Science (BS) Professional Services (AAS)

School of Nursing
Nursing (BSN)
Department of Political Science & Public Management
Political Science (BA) Political Science (BS)
Public Management (BS)  


Department of Psychological Science and Counseling
Psychological Science (BS) Certificate

Department of Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice (BS) National Security Studies (B.S.)

Department of Social Work
Social Work (BSW)

Department of Sociology
Sociology (BS) Certificate

College of Business

Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics
Accounting (BBA)                                       Finance (BBA)

Department of Management, Marketing and General Business
Management (BBA) Marketing (BBA)


College of Education

Department of Teaching and Learning
Education (BS) Certificate

Department of Education Specialties
Special Education (BS)

College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Department of Agriculture
General Agriculture (BS)

Department of Allied Health Science
Medical Laboratory Science (BSMLS) Radiologic Science (BSRS)


Department of Biology
Biology (BS)
Department of Chemistry
Chemistry (BS)

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology
Computer Science (BS)

Computer Information Systems (BS)

Computer Information Technology (BS)

Department of Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology (BS)                                                                          Aviation Science (BS)
Engineering Technology (AAS)  
Department of Geosciences
Geosciences (BS)
Department of Mathematics
Mathematics (BS)
Department of Physics, Engineering and Astronomy
Physics (BS) Engineering Physics (BSE)