Oct 03, 2023  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Philosophical Studies Minor

Department of History and Philosophy

Location:  Harned Hall, Room 340
Phone:  931-221-7919
Website: www.apsu.edu/history

Program Description

The Philosophical Studies Minor is one of three minors offered by the Philosophy and Religion program.  The Philosophical Studies curriculum is designed to encourage students to think critically and creatively about human existence and the nature of reality.  It emphasizes (1) training in critical reasoning and logical analysis; (2) an understanding of the many methods of human inquiry; (3) a survey of the history of philosophy and the history of ethics; (4) the analysis and appreciation of values and their application to moral and political issues; (5) a reflective and tolerant exploration of religion; and (6) the growth of a personal philosophy based on the lifelong search for and appreciation of truth, knowledge, goodness, and beauty.  The program gives students a foundational understanding of philosophical ideas and an ability to engage in philosophical analysis, both of which are applicable to a range of careers and areas of future study.  Philosophical study is valued by many employers as an indicator of analytical ability.  Philosophy Majors are among the highest scorers of any major on standardized tests.  The minor combines well with pretty much any major by contributing to intellectual background and critical thinking ability that can help in the understanding and application of that other field.

Introductory Core Requirement

Total Hours 3

Logic and Epistemology Requirement

Total Hours 3

Total Hours 6

Value Theory Requirement

Total Hours 3

Minor Electives

  • Select one (1) course from any remaining Philosophy courses other than PHIL 1030,1040, or 2200

Total Hours 3