Oct 01, 2023  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Physics Major

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College of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics
Department of Physics, Engineering, & Astronomy
Location: Sundquist Science Complex, B332
Phone: (931) 221-6116
Website:  www.apsu.edu/physics

Physics is the study of the underlying properties of nature from the absolutely mind-bogglingly huge, like galactic superclusters, to the unimaginably small, like the fundamental constituents of matter.  It is the foundation of every other science and is responsible for some of the greatest discoveries and inventions of our time, such as lasers, solar cells, and hybrid cars. The program is built around a core of courses that teach you to different “methods” for solving complex problems (experimental, theoretical, and computational) along with a set of physics content courses (mechanics, electricity & magnetism, and quantum mechanics).  The program also includes 18 credit hours of electives that can be chosen from an expansive list that includes many courses from other science and engineering disciplines.  This gives you options.  Graduate school in physics? Take more physics classes.  Computational science? Take computer science classes. Biomaterials researcher?  Take biology and chemistry classes.  They all count toward your degree. A minor is not required, though a mathematics minor is suggested (3 additional hours in mathematics at the 3000 or higher level required for a mathematics minor). All upper-level physics courses (3000 or higher) require prerequisites to be passed with a grade of C or better for registration.

General Education Core

  Credit Hours
see General Education   41
University-Wide Freshman Seminar Requirement 1

Major Core Requirements

Major Guided Electives

8 Additional Hours from the College of STEM

Select eight (8) additional hours from the courses below:

Total Hours 8

Upper Division Electives

Select ten (10) credit hours from the courses below:

Total Hours 10

Total Hours 18

Major Free Electives

  • Eleven (11) credit hours of general electives

Total Hours 11

Total Program Hours 120-124

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