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2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

6-8 Middle Grades (Science) Concentration

The 6-8 Science Licensure Program at APSU will provide comprehensive coursework that integrates courses in the general education core, the major, and the professional education minor. The 124 hour major prepares candidates to teach in grades 6-8 science by a program that meets all State Standards. In addition to 43 hours of core classes which have been chosen to provide a comprehensive study of writing, history, fine arts, science, and social sciences; students take a 16 hour block of methods courses which prepares them to teach in grades in 6-8. In addition, candidates must complete 28 hours of lower level and upper level science content and 8 hours of science methods courses. The middle school program is an interdisciplinary major with courses drawn from English, mathematics, science, and social studies. Candidates complete three English courses taught by faculty from Arts and Letters, as well as reading courses from the College of Education. Candidates complete 28 hours of science courses taught by faculty from the College of Mathematics and Sciences.  Candidates complete 9 hours of history/social studies taught by faculty from the College of Arts and Letters. Candidates in the 6-8 Science Licensure Program complete 9 hours of reading instruction. These courses are designed to meet the Tennessee Reading Standards. Candidates complete Rdg 4020 (Teaching Reading) and Rdg 4040 (Content Reading). Candidates begin their initial field experience in Educ 2100. This occurs during the first year of enrollment. They have their next placement during Educ 3070 where they are placed in a class at either the middle or elementary level. In Residency I, they complete a field experience of 5 weeks where they specifically work with special needs students and students from diverse backgrounds. All candidates earning a license in the 6-8 Science Licensure Program complete two clinical teaching placements totaling 15 weeks. These placements provide candidates opportunities to participate in learning communities and team planning. Candidates who have earned 60 credit hours and have a 3. 2 GPA will be eligible to become Eriksson Scholars. Eriksson Undergraduate Scholars are selected students who receive up to $5, 000 each fall and spring semester, to include the semester in which they student-teach, to help them prepare for science and mathematics high school or middle school teaching careers.

General Education Core

Concentration Requirements

Total Hours 26

Total Hours 56

Total Hours 4

Total Program Hours 125