Oct 04, 2023  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Bulletin

Theatre Concentration B.A.

Location: Trahern Bldg., Room 208
Phone: 931-221-6767
Website: www.apsu.edu/theatre-dance

The B.A. in Theatre Arts is a Liberal Arts Degree. Each concentration in the B.A. Theatre Arts degree program will consist of 36 hours in the major and is designed to be accompanied by a second major or minor. Admission to this program is open to all. Most Theatre and Dance classes are restricted to BFA/BA majors and minors. Exceptions must be approved by the instructor of record or by the Chair of the Department of Theatre and Dance. In addition to this degree, the Department of Theatre and Dance also offers a B.F.A.in Theatre Arts with concentrations in Acting, Dance, Design, Musical Theatre, and Stage Management, a Theatre Minor, and a Dance Minor.

Admission Criteria:
Admission to this program is open to all.
BA students seeking departmental scholarships must audition. At the time of audition,Theatre Arts students must submit the following: Resume, Head Shot, and two Letters ofRecommendation. Scholarships are only awarded to students who have been officiallyadmitted by the university.
More information on departmental guidelines and policies can be found in the Departmentof Theatre and Dance Guidebook: www.apsu.edu/theatre-dance.

General Education Core

                                                               Credit Hours
see General Education                                                               41
University-Wide Freshman Seminar Requirement                                                              1
Foreign Language                                                              6

Major Core Requirements

Concentration Requirements

Concentration Guided Electives

Total Hours 12

Free Electives

Total Hours 36

Total Program Hours 120